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I bought a bike

I bought a bicycle today.

I knew I wanted to buy one, but today I pulled the trigger for a variety of reasons:

1. The mercury nearly hit 70. Good weather means it’s time to get outside and enjoy what Springfield has to offer.

2. Gas prices are insane. Gas is nearing $3.60 per gallon of regular unleaded fuel, and my car commands premium unleaded (see above photo). I will save a good amount of cash by biking the eight-mile roundtrip to and from work when I can.

3. It’s better than running. I need a better way to exercise than constantly jarring my knee joints and causing shin splints. Screw running,
I’m going on two wheels.

4. I can’t walk the entire Frisco Highline Trail in one day. Thirty-six miles one way is a bit much on two legs, but not on two wheels.

I’d like to say thanks to the kind people at Sunshine Bike Shop in Springfield who let me test-ride a couple bikes, taught me a bit about cycling in the area and showed me the ropes of what it takes to commute successfully here. My new Giant Escape 2 (2012 model) will pay itself off many times over in the future, and I’m thankful to have made a wise investment.

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  1. Chris, how many miles have you put on it so far? Knowing you it’s probably time to rotate tires. The only thing missing is some U of O or Cardinal tags. And just for fun you should mount your DSLR to the front on the handlebars…ok maybe not my best idea.

  2. Thinking about getting a GoPro, Zach!

    I’m 36 miles away from 500. Should be closer to 1,000, but the weather and my right knee don’t cooperate with me at all times.