Willapa Hills Trail in Autumn

We are blessed here in the Centralia-Chehalis area with a gem of a trail that extends for miles and allows for excursions among scenery that groves of trees, a rushing river and farm fields can provide. Having once served as a railroad, the Willapa Hills Trail serves an entirely recreational purpose as a rails-to-trails project.

I shot this photo in autumn 2015 as two projects to bridge gaps in the trail over the Chehalis River were underway. One of those gaps about three miles west of the community in Adna was largely untouched, and the autumn leaves had covered the trail and rested there, seemingly frozen in time and turning the path a golden brown.

Now, the trail is used by dozens of people per day thanks to those gaps having been bridged. The Willapa Hills Trail is a rural treasure that I enjoy visiting simply to reconnect with nature, and I highly recommend you make your way down here at some point and experience it too.

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