Rainy Day at Seaquest

Seaquest State Park near Toutle, Washington is often overlooked by travelers wanting to get to the Mount St. Helens area about an hour to the east, but it’s one of my favorite places.

Today I took a trip to Longview and decided to visit Seaquest on the way home. There has been some extensive forest thinning in areas that officials said needed it due to overgrowth, and as a result the trails were in pretty bad shape. Rain didn’t help, and recent storms have taken down other trees too.

One of the trails leading out from Paine Road now carries a rerouted creek that has cut a small waterway through what was formerly a path. It made for an interesting scene in a forest that continues to change by the year. I really hope the logging operation helps the forest, but I’m kind of sad that scenes like this with the moss on the trees and the really dense ferns along the sides of the trail are fewer and further between.

I’ll post some more photos from Seaquest this week, with some more stories to accompany them.

One thought on “Rainy Day at Seaquest

  1. Thanks Chris, Seaquest has always been a favorite park for a picnic and an afternoon of walking the paths and enjoying some fun and games with the kids. Those hot summer days in August would always make that dense shade and mossy paths very inviting!

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