Packwood Lake

A 30-second exposure of Packwood Lake accentuates the stillness of the water.

When it comes to hiking in Lewis County, we’re blessed with a ton of options. You can hike behind a couple waterfalls, head up the side of a mountain or two, or find some peace well off the beaten path. Packwood Lake affords the latter, and depending on when you go, you could have this view all to yourself or your hiking buddy/ies.

It’s about an eight-mile round trip and just a little over four to the lake itself. There are some great spots along the shoreline to just sit and enjoy the cool breeze, dip your toes in the water, grab a snack and just take in the experience.

A couple friends joined me for the hike out there this summer, and the time of day was perfect. I knew I had to get a long exposure to highlight how still the water can get out there, but I haven’t had a tripod since I lost it a few months ago. I got creative and set it on a rock, set the timer to two seconds and let the camera do its work. The resulting photo is one that ranks as my favorite that I’ve ever shot here in Lewis County.

Technical details: Shot with a Canon EOS M2 with 18-55mm lens at 24mm; polarizer and 10-stop neutral density filter used; 30-second exposure at f/18 and ISO 100.

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