My name’s Chris Brewer, and welcome to my brand-new photo blog, a project I’ve hoped to take on for some time and am only now getting to here at the beginning of 2017.

I’m a resident of Centralia, Washington, and am proud to live in what I believe to be the most beautiful region of the United States. I enjoy hiking, cycling, a good cup of coffee, and — you guessed it — peering through the viewfinder of a camera. and clicking away.

For the better part of the past decade, I’ve shot photos and video primarily of nature and the great outdoors. I’ve shunned video and have taken to shooting a wide variety of photos, and I only recently began to take the hobby a bit more seriously. This photo blog will showcase shots that I have taken on personal adventures and in my downtime.

We live in a beautiful world, and I enjoy showcasing it. Whether it be a weekend hike, trip to the Oregon Coast, or a trip to Europe in which I lived out of a backpack, I want to share snapshots of my personal experiences and adventures with you.

It is my aim to provide at least two photos a week on this site throughout 2017. Each photo will have its own separate post, and if that photo is for sale, I will link to its page on my Shootproof site so you can easily order it. All orders are fulfilled through Black River Imaging of Springfield, Missouri, and their quality of work is tremendous.

Speaking of purchasing photos: I am proud to announce that half the profit gained from all sales of my photos in 2017 will go toward local charitable causes. For now, I will be supporting Our Literacy Council, a local nonprofit residing in Centralia that aims to advance literacy especially through adult basic education, including but not limited to tutoring to people aiming to get a GED. The orgainzation hopes to expand into life skills and computer literacy courses as well.

Please take some time to enjoy the photos, and please leave a comment if you have any feedback. Thank you for visiting!